7 Ways To Do Denim

7 Ways To Do Denim

7 Ways To Do Denim 1024 341 Coyfox - Ashley Rogers

Girl, Get Your Jeans On! 

A timelessly-stylish staple, denim does it’s wardrobe-duty no matter the season or style. Denim skirts, dresses, cutoffs, vests, and jackets are all denim options to check out.

Whether you like to dress it up or keep it casual, there’s no end to your style options with a just-right pair of jeans. Even though denim is always functional and extremely versatile, we all get tired of the same old-same old and nobody wants to find themselves in a relaxed-fit rut. Jeans and a tee can certainly be classically cute, cool, and fashion-forward, but if you’re getting bored with your boyfriend jeans, Coy Fox After-Dark  is here to make denim your fashion darling once again with 7 Ways To Get Daring With Denim. Here we’re going jeans all the way and you’ll find options for getting dolled up as well as playing it down on this list of denim do’s to try!

1. Button-Down Bliss

Borrow a button-down from his closet or snag your own boyfriend-style button-front shirt and pair it with your favorite jeans for instant class and comfort. Tuck-in just one side of the front to show off a cute belt and pair your jeans with sandals or flats to keep it casual and care-free.

2. Details & Designs

Solid denim of any wash is the BFF of even your most playful patterns and color-schemes. The solid backdrop of denim means you can get as wild as you want on top. From color-blocked crop tops to pretty paisleys, you can’t go wrong with any twist on the stripes and solids classic.

3. Shape It Up

There’s no shame in the shape-enhancing game. We all know that finding the right cut and fit are essential for perfecting your personal style. You decide what you want to show-off, and then find what fits your body best. If you like to feature your feminine curves, you’ll definitely want to try shape-enhancing denim. Basically, they’re butt-lifting jeans that draw attention to all the right places, all thanks to being carefully cut and crafted to make your booty look even better.

4. Dare To Go Bare 

Confidence is sexy! Show off a little skin with your denim when you’re feelin’ yourself. Knot-tops are on-trend and all over the place, and you can find variations on the style to fit any body type. Though it’s our opinion that a girl can never go wrong with a crop-top of any cut, you don’t have to make your midriff visible to make the most of this look. You can also choose off the shoulder tops, asymmetrical cuts, or open back designs to highlight the parts of you that you love most.

5. Legs for Days

Skinny jeans plus pumps is an iconic image of denim. This combo does a girl a couple of favors, making you at once polished, poised, and on-point. The figure-flattering cut of the jeans leading to the lifted lines of the heels, equals sky-high style and looky-here legs, making for a can’t-go-wrong denim-dream look you’ll always love. Simply swap the pumps for stilettos when you wanna take the height to the next level.

6. Dress + Denim 

Layer a short dress over jeans, treating it more like a top or a tunic, for a look that will bring new life to both pieces. A short hemline can be more comfortable with the coverage of jeans underneath, especially when you’re keeping it casual. You’ll feel flirty with the feminine details of the dress, and yet know your outfit is functional thanks to your fav jeans.

7. Statement Scarf 

Find your favorite silky, sheer scarf and take your pick from these denim pairings. Choose a simple top to go with your jeans and knot the scarf around your waist as a belt with a bow, twist it into your go-to knot around your neck, use it as a headband, or toss it around your shoulders and knot it at the side to create drama with an asymmetrical, draped line. You’re limited only by your own creativity and imagination here. Who knew a little bitty scarf could make such a great big statement?

Create Your Own Denim Combo

Have a favorite “Jeans &” pairing you wanna share with us? We love to hear about your outfit originals as well as how you spin our style ideas!