Why Make Bodystockings Part Of Your Lingerie Mix

Why Make Bodystockings Part Of Your Lingerie Mix

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It’s All About the Adventure!

Whether you are looking for a sexy surprise or to spice things up in the bedroom, bodystockings deliver. They are more visually appealing than standard teddies and come in a variety of sultry designs. Here are just a few reasons they should be mixed into your lingerie rotation.

They’re Easy To Layer

What better way to surprise your partner than with lacy and racy lingerie? When you are in the mood for something other than a bra and thong, consider a bodystocking. Unlike most teddies, they can easily be layered under your everyday clothing at work or for an evening out. Depending on the style you may still need to wear a bra and panties to look polished and professional—but you’ll be smoking hot underneath! Some styles extend all the way to the toe so you can wear them instead of tights. Of course, you can change into them at home to set a sexy mood.

They Accentuate Your Favorite Parts

Whether it’s your breasts, bum, thighs, or legs—choose a bodystocking that accentuates the parts of your body that you or your partner love best. The sheer design and strategic cutouts can also minimize the areas you are a bit more self-conscious about. For example, the angled lace cutouts on this bodystocking will minimize your belly, and the thong lets your booty shine


Getting naked is sexy, but so is keeping on your lacy lingerie. Many bodystockings are designed with easy access in mind, such as curve-hugging minidresses that you can wear with or without panties, crotchless designs, 2 piece bodystockings, and barely-there crotches that you can easily slide to the side for an evening of romance. You may eventually take it off but never underestimate the power of tease.

The Coy Fox offers a versatile range of bodystockings for every size and body type. Designed with high-stretch lace, they come in either standard or plus size one-size fits most designs.